With Shadows, I Spend It All

You spend most of your time now
under piles of blankets
and I want to peel them away
one by one
and ask what you’re protecting yourself from

9:00 AM, March 9, 1981

The telephone rang shrill and urgent and the noise tore through the dull morning quiet. On a good day, the goddamn thing sounded to Namjoon like a shrieking harpy. Today… today was not a good day. He groaned as he rolled over in bed, pulling the ends of his pillow up around his head to muffle the disturbance. Pointless. His…

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.”

Tommy’s eyes rolled to the ceiling as she took a calming breath and tried to still her shaking hands. The sound of her heart drumming in her chest covered the almost menacing drip drip drip of the leaky sink faucet. Her eyes lowered to the woman lying motionless in the bathtub. She knelt down beside her, sighing at the tired ache in her joints as she lowered herself and raised two fingers to her neck. …

My phone vibrated violently three times in quick succession and though the thick wool of my coat pocket muffled the sound, it was still startling in the otherwise dark and silent taxi. I could feel the driver’s mildly perturbed gaze through the rearview mirror. I blinked a few times at the harsh light of the too-bright screen and squinted to see three new texts: “honestly oscar ur such an asshole.” from my girlfriend, “Osita, it’s your father, your mom’s surgery is over, call us please,” and finally, from my editor, “Are we all good? Sorry, we couldn’t get you a…

Chochi Ejueyitchie

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